Sonic and amy haveing sex

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After the sex, Amy was left extremely disappointed, as the clone's penis was very small and the sex only lasted for 13 seconds, then the clone cried for the rest of the time. As his pants, moans, and grunts matched Amy's, images flashed through his mind… The day he first met Amy on Little Planet, when he saved her from the clutches of Metal Sonic, not knowing that this girl would have an impact on his life… The time he saved her from the Egg Carrier, when she was abducted right in front of him by one of Eggman's robots… The day she helped free him from Prison Island during the Shadow fiasco… All the times he shared with Amy were replaying in his mind as they quickly brought him to this very moment, with the one female hedgehog he wanted to spend his life with… He grabbed her hips tightly as he started to kiss her back passionately and thrust into her faster and deeper. They weren't united physically anymore…but emotionally and spiritually, their ties were stronger than ever. About the only thing she could focus on was on the immense pleasure she was feeling. Amy wrapped her legs around Sonic's torso as she bucked like a pony on top of Sonic's hot body, her fur getting soaked with sweat. Sonic's movements were so swift…so fluid…so wild… Amy had never felt the exact feelings she was feeling right now…but while they were new…they were certainly enjoyable. As he gazed at Amy…he was seeing a whole new side to her. He wanted Amy to experience every last movement…every thrust, so that her first time would indeed be memorable one.


I'm guessing it was a Swede's fantasy. And not shocking.


She is fucking hot....i want her to suck my cock


Perfect bikini babe!!!

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